• Question: do you have a moter bike

    Asked by CarBOnaK to Andres, Andy, Emma, Shahil, Sheryl, Zoe on 11 Mar 2017. This question was also asked by samey train sousege.
    • Photo: Emma Ryan

      Emma Ryan answered on 11 Mar 2017:

      No, my dad said he’d never speak to me again because they’re very dangerous. I’ve been on the back of my friends’ motorbikes quite a few times, though, they’re really fun!

    • Photo: Andres Rivero

      Andres Rivero answered on 11 Mar 2017:


      No, I don’t own a motorbike. I do think they are a bit dangerous!


    • Photo: Sheryl Williams

      Sheryl Williams answered on 12 Mar 2017:

      Hi CarBOnak,

      Unfortunately i don’t like motor bikes, i had two mini accidents when i was a kid and ever since i am scared of them.


    • Photo: Andy Woods

      Andy Woods answered on 13 Mar 2017:

      No, but I do ride a normal bike to the station everyday on my way to work.