Thank you from your winner – Emma!

Students, we want to hear from you too! Click here to go to your profile survey and tell us what you think for a chance to win a £20 voucher! We asked Emma to tell us about winning I’m an Engineer, and here is what she said… I had an incredibly fun time taking part in I’m an Engineer and I hope that everyone else involved did too, from the moderators to the other engineers taking part to (most importantly) the students. All involved did a fantastic job; the moderators ensured the chats ran smoothly, the engineers answered the questions with great humour, kindness and good advice and the students asked a mix of the most brilliant, bizarre, amusing questions that challenged me and made me laugh in equal measures. I would recommend I’m an Engineer to anyone that would like to make a difference, encourage STEM subjects, talk about their work and have a very … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

The students have spoken. The votes have been double counted… Big congratulations to the Ampere Zone winner: Emma Ryan Hard luck to Andy Woods and Andres Rivero but a huge thank you to everyone who took part. You were all brilliant. Students, don’t forget to tell us what you think about science and engineering now you’ve taken part. Log in to your profile, and fill in the 4 questions in the box on the right hand side, to be in with a chance to win a voucher.

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The next engineer out is…

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now reveal it’s game over for… Shahil Juggernath This leaves just “very, very chatty” Emma Ryan, “smart, hardworking and fun” Andy Woods and “organised, learner, curious” Andres Rivero to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. Who would you like to see win tomorrow’s final battle? VOTE

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The next engineer evicted is…

We’ve counted the votes and you’ve now evicted… Sheryl Williams The engineers left standing after tomorrow’s eviction will battle it out in Friday’s final. Who do YOU want to see in the final? VOTE for your favourite! Students, has taking part changed your view of science and engineering? When you next log in and visit your profile, you’ll see a pink box with 4 questions on the right. Fill in the questionnaire to be in with a chance to win a voucher.  

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The first engineer evicted is…

The first engineer you’ve evicted is… Zoe Lonsdale One engineer will be evicted every day this week, and you get a new vote each day. Make sure to VOTE to keep your favourite in the competition. A student in each zone will win a voucher for asking great questions! And remember, you can comment on questions the engineers answer. Do you think the engineer is right? Do you disagree with them? Tell them! There was a small window today where our emails weren’t going out as they should, so make sure you go to your profile to check to see if your questions have been answered. Remember you can ask more questions.

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Who’s Taking Part: March 2017

The Ampere Zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The Engineers Zoe Lonsdale | Batch Manager, Morgan Sindall I ensure that when everyone flushes your toilet they can ultimately drink the same water. Shahil Juggernath | Enel Green Power, Renewable Energy Project Engineer I build wind farms in Africa. Andres Rivero | PhD Student, University of Bristol I’m trying to create a new smart and flexible wing for airplanes. Emma Ryan | Research Engineer, Lockheed Martin UK I look at metal using x-rays and electrons so we can 3D print spacecraft, satellites and armoured fighting vehicles. Andy Woods | Railway Engineer, Siemens Rail Automation I work in a team that designs systems to drive trains automatically. Sheryl Williams| Flexible and Distance Learning Manager, Wolfson School I provide day to day management for an existing portfolio of distance learning programmes. The Schools Aldridge School, West Midlands Ashlawn School, Warwickshire Breadalbane Academy, Aberfeldy Colton Hills Community … Continue reading

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